Chill out girls!

Thank you always for giving me great time to chill out. I got pedicures ("foot-nail") set and Rosies Mist, a kind of beauty method using rose oil in a steam-sauna like bag. I got pedicures every summertime in Japan. You often see people barefoot in yoga class or stretch exercises in a gym, and at poolside. When I see my tiptoes with gel-nail coat applied beautifully, I feel better and happier. Getting my nails done really lifts me up and reminds me of a girl within.

It is said that Rosies Mist or rose therapy has excellent beauty & health effect, like a adjusting feminine hormone balance and improving autonomic nervous system. You can get organic rose oil all over the body and absorb rose steam mist from the skin directly. Girls,this is a must experience you should have! You definitely feel refreshed and reenergized.

The nail technician Ms.Chinami Takahashi is well experienced in designing and providing manicures and pedicures. She is not just a skilled nail stylist but also a good artist so her artistic views are integrated with her skills in good balance, which I very much appreciate. She is fun to be with, listens to my silly stories, provied cozy place to relax. I like her lively spirits and sense of humour.

Most of all, I am truly grateful for her in that she takes me as I am. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful person that accepts me as i am.

with sincere gratitude,